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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When life gives you lemons, Renovate!

Since the real estate market crash, the sale of both new and existing homes has not been ideal. Many people that purchased their five year houses will be living there for ten, fifteen, or twenty years. So if life gives you lemons, or a real estate market that provides you with many houses to buy but no one to buy yours, renovate!

“Five years ago, the number of new homes being built in Orange County outpaced those being remodeled. Then both the new-home and renovation markets collapsed. But as people realized they couldn't sell their homes for top dollar, a shift occurred, and more homes have been renovated than built in each of the past four years. An Orlando Sentinel analysis of Orange County building permits for the past six years found that builders were issued permits to build 827 new houses last year — an 84 percent drop from 2005. Meanwhile, the county approved 1,002 remodeling permits last year — down 77 percent from 2005.”

The long standing question is, can I renovate while living on a budget? The answer is yes! Designers have access to almost any product under the sun we literally can start anywhere.  That being said, if you know what your budget is then we can make allocations based on that.  When working with an Interior Designer it helps to know your budget first.  In a nut shell we know what will be spent on products, what will go to labor costs and so on... We can work with any budget; we just have to be realistic about what we can achieve. In order to achieve this, there are a lot of tricks to the trade, or ways we can use high-end materials without breaking the budget.  For example when doing a tile backsplash, using a high-end one of a kind recycled glass tile can run $26.00 and up per square foot. But, when you know how to use a small amount here and there, with a proper field tile, the two will look great and not break the bank!

Renovation can be intimidating because most folks don’t know where to start. That’s where we can help assist you with a smart design plan that works for your needs and mostly works with your wallet. Then maybe we can celebrate your freshly fabulous home with a little lemonade!

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